newborn portraits: emerald at 3 days

newborn baby girl and crib toys


I was going back to Los Angeles for three days on my way back to London after shooting a ridiculously brilliant wedding waaaaay up north in Point Arena and I’d scheduled a maternity shoot. The day after the wedding, though, I got a text to say that Mara was in labour already, a week and a half early.

By the time we’d finished the all-day drive back down the I5 (a road so boring it almost starts to become really interesting) Emerald had arrived. I took a few portraits when she was three days old.

I like photographing really new newborn babies. The parents get so excited and a bit anxious, and the babies just lay there all scrunchy faced, seeming entirely unimpressed to be the centre of someone’s universe. It’s a fun atmosphere in which to tiptoe around.

newborn baby girl portrait photography

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