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We’re Rachel and Christopher, and we divide our time between London and Los Angeles.

We’ve both been shooting for more than a decade: we were both music photographers when we met… and then our friends started getting married and throwing the most brilliant weddings, so we started shooting those, too.

We’re officially based in London for this year but we get back home to Los Angeles as much as possible, and we travel quite a lot beyond that, too.


Rachel is English but spent seven and a half years in Los Angeles shooting music and people and using her journalism degree. She’ll have a Sazerac, if you’re going to the bar.

Chris is Californian and grew up there shooting bands and festivals, etc, after studying music and business. He drinks Manhattans.

Pantelleria, Sicily (Rachel Carr)


We shot our first weddings in 2011, after years and years of music festivals. The two have more in common than you’d think:

• everyone’s having the best day ever (hopefully)
• people plan their outfits months in advance
• there are always a million things happening at once
• nothing ever runs on schedule, but it doesn’t matter
• they usually end with wild dancing

And for us, the most important thing is that at both weddings and festivals, it’s not about the photographers. It’s about the people in front of the camera, in all their unpredictable glory – photographers get once chance to document each moment, and you better not miss it.

Weddings are not photo shoots, which suits us perfectly: we mostly like to get out of the way and let you cry/hug/dance/drink without even noticing we’re taking your picture. We get to bear witness to people’s most intimate and emotional moments (and most glamorous hairdos) and create a genuine record of you and your favourite people at your very best. It sounds a bit earnest to say that it’s a huge privilege, but it’s true.

And don’t worry about posing – we don’t really do posing. We both hate having our own photo taken, so we totally get that it might not be your favourite thing, either. Don’t worry (almost everyone does, beforehand): we won’t make you do anything weird – even when we’re shooting portraits, we’re just documenting you being yourselves. You don’t need to do anything that feels inauthentic. (And if you’re worried about anything else, just tell us – we’re big on keeping couples calm.)

We learned at our own wedding how quickly it all flies by and how impossible it is to remember everything. Handily, our super powers are being in two places at once and being obsessively non-intrusive – capturing tiny moments without interrupting them. And then, a few weeks after the hangovers have worn off, we present you with the full story of your wedding, so you can relive the best bits forever and ever. Magic.


We’d love to hear from you. Tell about your wedding, or for anything else just email rachel@septemberpictures.com or call 07541 856 514 (UK) or 213 537 8181 (US).